Friday, April 5th 2019, 08:00 – 16:30

08:00 Registration / Exhibition
09:00 Welcome / Introduction
Alfred Vollmer, Editor-in-Chief, “AUTOMOBIL-ELEKTRONIK”
09:10 Interview
One year after the 1st ISELED Conference – a busy year at a glance
Robert Kraus, Inova Semiconductors
Peter Gresch, Moderator
09:30 Keynote
Light as key design element in the car

Ulrich Stroehle, BMW Group
10:00 Lighting design for living- and working spaces
Mag. Wilfried Pohl, Bartenbach Research & Development
10:20 Intelligent Light System Simulation & Integration by Using ISELED
Michael Höfgen, Lightworks
10:40 Coffee Break / Exhibition
11:10 Precisely calibrated RGB-LEDs – the prerequisite for the ultimate perception of light & color
Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Blankenbach, Pforzheim University
11:45 ISELED –  beyond interior lighting (part 1)

  • NXP switches the lights on
    Manuel Alves, NXP
  • Microchip enables an easy start with ISELED
    Rayk Blechschmidt, Microchip Technology
  • The IQ of ISELED in Visualization
    Dr. Markus Klein, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
  • ISELED Communication Network – the future field bus
    to connect lighting, sensors & actuators in the car

    Roland Neumann, Inova Semiconductors
  • Multi channel LED driver for animated/matrix light functions
    Roland Steger, Melexis
 13:00  Lunch break / Exhibition
 13:45 VIP- tour @ 10 exhibition booths (3 min each)
 14:15 ISELED –  beyond interior lighting (part 2)

  • demOPTICS for ambient lighting –  create customer experience at competitive costs
    Frank Hallitschke, Magna Lighting
  • Smart RGB Roadmap
    Eric Toh Chip Hock, DOMINANT Opto Technologies
  • fast design, simulation and driving of complex lighting animations
    Yan Lee-Dajoux, LucieLabs
14:45 Ambient goes functional
Markus Daubner, Grupo Antolin
 15:00 Keynote
Communication with Light
Dr.Wolfgang Huhn, Audi AG
15:30 Coffee Break / Exhibition
15:45 Panel Discussion
The Fusion of Light & Display – the new dimension of
visualization in tomorrow’s autonomous cars
Dr. Heinz Abel, Continental
Markus Daubner, Grupo Antolin
Dr. Wolfgang Huhn, Audi AG
Robert Isele, BMW Group
Dr. Stefan Kampmann, OSRAM Licht AG
Tay KC, Dominant Opto Technologies Sdn Bhd.
16:30 Closing and end of 2nd ISELED CONFERENCE
Peter Gresch, Moderator
Afterwards ISELED Alliance members available for individual meetings and talks