April 5th, 2019 in Munich

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ISELED – the “Digital LED” for a new dimension of light

Introduced at electronica 2016, this concept of a truly “Digital LED” has since gone through a remarkable evolution. Besides being a groundbreaking technology, the key to high acceptance of ISELED was (and is) the concept behind it: not just to launch a product but to present a compelling system solution, an ecosystem, right from the beginning and to expand it more and more over time.

This is exactly the mission that the ISELED Alliance has impressively implemented to this day. Starting with five founding members in autumn 2016, it has now grown to 22 members – industry leaders but also smaller, specialized lighting companies that together cover the entire value chain in this market. They are supporting ISELED on its way to becoming a standard across the lighting industry.
At this 2nd ISELED Conference, industry experts will talk about the latest trends in automotive lighting. With influences also taken from living spaces, light has evolved into a key design element for car interiors and – even more – is also about to take over functional tasks. In a kind of symbiosis with displays, lighting will become an integral part of the visualization concept for tomorrow’s autonomous cars.
The ISELED Alliance is prepared for this move and will present solutions at the conference – also beyond the interior lighting that ISELED was initially designed for. There are new LED and System-on-Chip (SoC) products, a dynamic display LED-backlight which one editor spontaneously called the “OLED killer” and, last but not least, a new field bus to connect light, sensors and actuators via one link. This is the upcoming ISELED Communication Network (ICN).
Finally, this 2nd ISELED Conference will not be a “PowerPoint Event”: most of the solutions will actually be presented by the Alliance members at the conference exhibition.
A busy conference day with a rich agenda – the ISELED Alliance warmly invites you to attend!


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