ISELED Conference turns into ISELED Workshop

ISELED Conference turns into ISELED Workshop

The “Digital LED” is on the Road!

ISELED Conference turns into ISELED Workshop

By postponing the ISELED Conference from March 26th to September 3rd, the ISELED Alliance was confident that CoVid19 has been overcome by then and the conference can take place just as the two great events in 2018 and 2019. However, with the current situation around the pandemic, it still cannot. The first thought was to again postpone the Conference, we even were offered a possible alternative date in April 2021.  However, with all the many developments around ISELED – a bunch of new products, the roadmap for “ISELED next” and working prototypes of ILaS, the new ISELED Light and Sensor network for the car – the Alliance just didn’t want to have the ISELED community waiting for another half a year to present all the news.

As more, the Alliance is delighted that instead of the ISELED Conference now an ISELED Workshop will take place: on the same date - September 3rd 2020 - and in the same premises, the SZ building in Munich. And - unlike many other conferences those days - not only as a livestream but with an audience of some 70 “real” participants on site - a true premiere! And, as if that wasn't enough, the ISELED Alliance has decided to fully sponsor this event to thanking the ISELED community for its patience.

What is needed to register for this now ISELED Workshop? First of all, the present registrations for the “3rd ISELED Conference” all will be cancelled, already paid fees will be refunded. Means you have to re-register for this now ISELED Workshop to either participating in person or via the Web.  For the CoVid 19 protective measures, the number of attendees in person however is limited to max. 70 people and will be handled on a first come, first served basis. Please see further details on the registration page.

The ISELED Alliance would be glad to welcome you at this “Livestream / Live-Workshop” to share a lot of exciting news with you!



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