We are sorry to inform you that our 3rd ISELED conference will not take place on March 26th as planned.

While many other events and conferences have already been canceled due to the Covid-19 virus, we had hoped that the situation would improve.  Unfortunately, the current situation is the contrary:  We are experiencing more and more companies imposing travel restrictions on their employees – the target audience for our conference – and some of you, such as keynote speakers and exhibitors, have either cancelled participation already due to company directives or have requested the postponement of the conference.

The good news is that we will not cancel the conference this year, only postpone it. The alternate date of the conference, taking place at the same venue location, will be on Thursday, September 3, 2020.  As this is taking place directly after the summer vacation season, there are no conflicting fairs/congresses in Germany at this time, and is still far enough away from Munich’s “Oktoberfest” (which starts September 19) to allow for reasonable hotel prices and ample availability.

All already-booked tickets will maintain their validity!  Please only cancel your ticket if you already know that you will not be able to attend the conference on September3.  For cancellation requests, please use the link in your order confirmation email to send this cancellation request.

We all feel this postponement is an appropriate measure suited to the current situation, taking into account all the concerns and uncertainties surrounding the Coronavirus.  All the meanwhile, it allows us to avoid cancelling the ISELED conference which really is offering everyone all the exciting news and information encompassing the ISELED ecosystem.

Thank you for your understanding and support,

Your ISELED Conference-Team